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CfP: Argumentor Conference 2020

Mind the gap! The sixth Argumentor Conference will take place în Oradea, Romania, 11-12 September 2020.

“Mind the Gap!“ The iconic phrase introduced in 1968 on the London Underground epitomizes the multiple divides that separate us along economic, social, cultural, digital, gender, age, racial, and geographical lines. The term is often used to highlight tensions and disruptions in the social fabric, disparities of income, education level, cultural background, or social status. The first step of bridging the gap between discourses and practices, social and cultural differences is understanding them, expressing them properly (Alexander, 2019). Doris Salcedo’s art installation at Tate Modern (2007) – a series of cracks on the Turbine Hall floor – reminds us that there are more than “six degrees of separation“ between us (Watts, 2004). With the expansion of social media platforms we are more exposed than ever to the global cultural landscape, and meanwhile locked up in our own digital bubbles. We welcome presentations dealing with disruptions in the social fabric along social, political, cultural, educational, digital, gender lines; research projects exploring circumstances, effects, dangers, and blessings of an accelerating world. Papers presenting rhetorical, artistic tools deepening these gaps, as well as successful or failed attempts to bridge them are most welcome.

Alexander, Douglas, 2019. A Guide to Disagreeing Better. BBC
Salcedo, Doris. 2007. Shibboleth. TateShots
Watts, Duncan J. 2004. Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age. New York and London: W.W. Norton & Company.

Venue: Partium Christian University Oradea, Romania, Primariei Street 36.

Dr. Adrian Hatos, University of Oradea, Romania
Dr. Anna Keszeg, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Online abstract submission (required): https://google/forms/Argumentor2020

Abstract submission: 200-300 words, 5 keywords by 15 March 2020.
Abstract acceptance information will be sent to you on 31 March 2020.
Full paper sent (7-10 pages – 4,000 to 9,000 words) by 1 June 2020.
Early bird registration: 100 EUR (PhD students EUR 50) by 1 July 2020.
Late registration: 120 EUR (PhD students EUR 60) by 1 August 2020.

Full papers sent by 1 June 2020 will be double blind peer reviewed, published in the Argumentor conference proceedings by 11 September 2020 and handed to the authors at the conference venue in printed format. Publishers: Partium Press Oradea and Debrecen University Press.

Contact email: argumentor.conf [at]

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